As a compilation of popular media essays, Michele Battle-Fisher infuses complexity and systems thinking in exploring the wickedness of staying well in a network driven society. Topics of the essays range from essays on public health, bodyhacking, social integration and political complexity. The essays were published in a variety of media, including Huff Post, Impact Ethics, Hippo Reads and Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.

The book is self-published (not peer reviewed).

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ISBN-10: 1790625793

ISBN-13: 978-1790625796

It is available as soft cover and e-book.

In the future, an Audible audio book is planned.

Table of Contents:

What Scientific Gobbledygook! Systems, Uncertainty and “Known Unknowns”

The Chaos of our Bodily Bits

The Scars of our Lives

Transhumanism: Tech, Entropy, and Fighting for a Future

Here is Ex Machina to your Health

Radical Technology, Bodyhacking and Medicine

My FDA- Regulated Buckle- A Regulated Intervention

How Malleable is an Ethic?

Taking a Dramatic Eye to the Doctor’s Office Interaction

A Bittersweet Prelude- my Sugared Narrative

How Systemically Liquid is Health Policy?

Blooming History, Private Lives and Dissent in the Public Sphere

The Complex Implications of Policy Puffins in the Public’s Welfare

Health complexity essay compilation, 2018

Health complexity essay compilation, 2018