Michele Battle-Fisher has also founded Orgcomplexity, a micro think tank that supported a blog on Wordpress that pushed the boundaries of bioethics and health policy into systems science and complexity theory. The blog which ran from 2012-2015 informed her Springer text.

Her academic scholarship has been published in health, systems science, bioethics, humanities and communication studies peer-reviewed journals and academic outlets. She has presented at national and international academic conferences. Her course syllabus, "Social Networks and Health" is in the Sante Fe Institute's Complexity Explorer syllabus library as an exemplar of connecting systems science to public health. 

Her latest venture is serving as the co-producer of the News2Share full-length documentary, "Transhuman (Working Title)" which is currently in production.

She is a frequent guests on podcasts, many of which can be found on ITunes and YouTube. Her public commentaries has been published in the HuffPost (nee Huffington Post)HIPPO Reads, Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine (no longer online), Minding Nature and Impact Ethics. Her blog, Orgcomplexity, is archived for viewing at orgcomplexity.wordpress.com.

A selective listing of her work is in the CV tab.

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