"Transhuman- Biohackers and Immortalists" is a feature documentary about the movement trying to use radical technology to evolve past human. This groundbreaking full-length feature is directed by Ford Fischer of News2Share.

The documentary will focus on three main aspects of transhumanism:

  • Super wellbeing - The implementation of technology to enhance the human body's functionality.

  • Super intelligence - Using tech to evolve the mind and combine it with computers.

  • Super longevity - The transhumanist goal of elongating life and even overcoming death.

These goals are not abstractions. From college students to Ph.D.'s, this movement is spreading through all walks of life but has been largely unnoticed by the media. The film highlights the leaders and achievements in the field.

Licensed surgeons seldom participate in transhumanist experiments, so tech-based body modifications are often self-performed. The film will get an intimate look at the deeply personal process of self-performed body modification.

With the conclusion of the 2016 election cycle, this project could not be any more timely. For the first time in history, a Transhumanist Party candidate made an official run for president. While largely unheard of now, this movement will be making headlines in the next decade. 

The film is currently in production.


Ford Fischer - Director, Videographer, Producer, Editor

Alejandro Alvarez - Outreach Producer

Michele Battle-Fisher- Co-Producer

Zoltan Istvan - Advisor

Mike Ricciardi - Research Assistant

Emily Bank - Production Assistant

Please follow the film at the following sites and social media:

  • News2Share Documentary Page: http://news2share.com/start/category/transhuman-a-documentary/

  • H+ Pedia Page: https://hpluspedia.org/wiki/Transhuman:_A_Documentary

  • Facebook: @TranshumanDocumentary

  • Twitter: @news_2_share

In 2018, Michele Battle-Fisher (co-producer) was selected as one of 7 finalists at MIT Press Pitchfest (“Transhuman: How the race past human (may) change life's finish line”). The presentation is available on YouTube (https://t.co/DuWjKRtPYz).