There are several ways to contact Ms. Battle-Fisher.

1. via email at (please offer a reason for connecting)

2. via connection on LinkedIn (Michele Battle-Fisher),

3. via Twitter @battle_fisher

4. via following her Amazon author page at

5. via using the OPEN FORM button below to send a brief correspondence.

6. via YouTube to keep up with public appearances

7.. via SKYPE michele.battle.fisher U.S.-EST

8. via her Goodreads page

She does not have an Instagram account, Facebook business or active page.

Photos for non-commercial use are on Flickr at and The photos are protected by a Creative Commons (nd) license..

Her ORCID ID is 0000-0003-0644-2267. The QR Code is found on her CV page.


Michele Battle-Fisher, October 2018

Michele Battle-Fisher, October 2018