Critically acknowledged for its innovative approach, her book at its core uses a constructionist view of social “systems” as related to health and the ethics surrounding it.

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2016 Doody's Core Title (Public Health)

National Library of Medicine (National Institutes of Health - United States)

Georgetown Bioethics Research Library

Her book is a selected Doody's Core Title for 2016, honored as an "essential" book in advancing our    understanding of medical science. A coveted honor, fewer than 2% of professional-level health sciences titles in print are selected to appear in the annual Doody's Core Titles list.

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The book's ISBN is 9783319122021.

Over 9,600 individual book chapter downloads of Application of Systems Thinking to Health Policy and Public Health Ethics, complied by Springer’s Bookmetrix (as of July 2019).


More Accolades for the book:

On day after release, the book premiered as one of the top hot new releases on Amazon in Medicine/ subcategory Administration & Policy in both the Ethics category (top 2) and Public Health category (top 5). On December 18, 2014, her book was number 1 on both the Medical Ethics and Public Health Amazon Hot New Releases charts.

Most notably in its first year of release, the book entered collections at the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the renowned Georgetown Bioethics Research Library.


Select praise:

RECOMMENDED Complexity and Health book. Brian Castellani, Professor of Sociology, Durham University, UK, Sociology and Complexity Science Blog, "Public Health is a Complex Systems Problem. When will we finally embrace this fact?" 10/16/17

One of my favorite authors. Right up there with James Baldwin and J. California Cooper.

She is an intent researcher, collaborator, and will take on any project no matter the difficulty with an inquisitive mind and dedication.

This book brings a much-needed systems thinking lens to the very real complex system of public health. People are living and dying under public health policy, so there's certainly a lot at stake here--including the quality of human lives in the age of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and inequality. From food deserts to epidemics, to the lifespan of policy and its residual effects, here we have a practical, problem solving application for systems thinking and knowledge of complex systems in fighting chaos (morbidity and mortality) in the public healthcare system and creating real, long-term change in public health.

Heterodox thinkers are never not a good thing. Coming from outside the usual environment of policy research and development, Michele Battle-Fisher brings her own interdisciplinary background to the table of improving health policies where they matter most: the recipients of services rendered. With a track-record in both practical, clinical, work and academic discourse, the author showcases the value of ‘systems’ approaches to the discussion and implementation of policies in a well-founded and accessibly written book. Highly recommended.

She's dope...she can communicate like Neil deGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye.

This is exactly the kind of analysis and thinking that needs to applied to our large social systems rather than people picking one issue on which to focus without considering the systemic effects. Bravo!

Michele is an excellent systems thinker and futurist and presents her knowledge in an engaging way. She discusses complex phenomena in a way that is informative, insightful and interesting.

It's a great book. Well written and great for anyone trying to understand systems thinking in public health and beyond.