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Michele has published her debut volume of poetry, Then and Whatever (2018), with Createspace Publishing.

It is the first book under her Battlefish Press imprint.

The book is available for purchase exclusively through Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP Bookshelf), and Createspace Direct.

Print purchases through Amazon include a free download of the book on Kindle e-books.

Through Kindle e-books, the book is available via Kindle Unlimited.

List price: $7.00 USD

ISBN-13: 978-1718688735

ISBN-10: 1718688733

Book Description:

Michele Battle-Fisher's debut volume of poetry, Then and Whatever, invites readers to throw away conceptions you may have of complex human relationships. With the author's wry and unflinching approach to untangling human complexities, the poems set up a nonlinear journey through immaturity, regret, self-discovery, passion and, most importantly, love. She brings a unique lens when writing about how dynamically human we all are.


What people are saying about Then and Whatever:

"Her work explores the fluidity of personality and the fragmented nature of human relationships--mostly in bits of verse only a couple of lines and a dozen or so words long. The impact is immediate and penetrating. Battle-Fisher bends everything from gender to social roles as she ponders her life as woman, mother, mate and creator."- post made to faceBOOKS- Readers Group 5/14/18 (R. Dakin)





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